Passive Aggressive Haiku

Let it out.

For the love of God,

tag your fucking spider posts.

I have phobias.

I can't get these kids

out of my head. They didn't

deserve to die young.

Too much tragedy,

too many lives lost. When will

we ever wake up?

how does one choose when one doesn't know?

You asked me to stay.

But I can't guarantee that.

I'm breaking my heart.

Mom and Pop

I hate that it still

stings when your job comes first. I

should be used to this.

It isn't fair that

as soon as I'm okay, you

want to sit and talk.

This Doesn't Change Things

I found out today

that you got fired, and I'm

sorry about that.


I can't fucking sleep.

This is a pain in the ass.

I am so tired.

Wiped Out

Four plus hours in the

ER, and I am tired.

Roommate of the year.

Bye, Betch

You've been deleted,

bocked, and I'm burning your notes.

You're gone. I feel free.